What is Whatsapp payment and how to transfer money in whatsapp payment

What is whatsapp payment and how to transfer your money using whatsapp payment ( full information about whatsapp payment new feature ):To kese ho aap log Welcome to Technical Dost Friends, there has been a lot of talk about WhatsApp since the last few days that WhatsApp is going to pay a lot soon. You must have heard about this and this information is also perfect.

WhatsApp will soon be updating your features with a great amount of Whatsapp Payment, which will allow you to transfer and receive money directly from your friends via WhatsApp.

This feature is very soon to be updated in WhatsApp and you will be available to use for all people. It is expected that this feature will be included in some upcoming updates on WhatsApp and you will be able to transfer money via WhatsApp directly to your friends or your family members.

There is no specific information about how this WhatsApp update comes, but whenever this feature comes, it is going to be very great for users and it will be very easy to transfer money.

In today’s post, we will talk about what is WhatsApp Payment, how long it is going to come, and how to transfer money to your friends via WhatsApp payment. If you also want to know how to transfer money to your friends via WhatsApp, then in today’s post you will find complete information about this topic

So let’s start friends and know what the WhatsApp payment is and how you can transfer money to your friends via WhatsApp payment

What is whatsapp payment

WhatsApp Payment WhatsApp is a new feature in WhatsApp, through which you will be able to send and receive money from any of your friends via WhatsApp. WhatsApp payment will not be a separate application.

This will be a separate feature in your current WhatsApp, through which you can pay directly via WhatsApp. This payout feature on WhatsApp will be exactly the same as other money transfers and payment apps, such as PhonePay, Google Tez etc. This feature of WhatsApp will be absolutely free for the users and for payment, you will not need to pay any separate charges for it.


Whatsapp payment


This feature on WhatsApp will be fully based on the UPI, that means you will be able to make payments with your Viber account with the UPI ID, then you will be able to make payments from it.

This feature of payout on WhatsApp is not available to users in India yet, but it is expected that this feature can soon be available in the upcoming update of WhatsApp for users and users can use this feature and Direct Friends to Friends can transfer money.

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Just a few days ago, WhatsApp had made an official announcement about it that soon WhatsApp will be coming out with a new feature WhatsApp payment. Now this feature can be found very soon in WhatsApp.

Payment Options You will only see your friends with photo, video or option to send a document during chatting, as you can now get the option of photo, video or document to send to your friend on WhatsApp, But after the payment option comes to WhatsApp, you will see a payment option along with all of these here, through which you can direct your friend directly from his bank account Buyers will be able to transfer print.

Let us know that before transferring money to any friend from WhatsApp, you will have to add your WhatsApp to your Bank Account. Then you will be able to transfer money to your friend’s account and get money in your account. To transfer and receive money, this process will be very easy and completely safe.

How to Add Bank Account for Payment in Whatsapp

As I told you, you must add your bank account to whatsapp before paying with whatsapp payment feature. Only then will you be able to send payment to any friend and receive them. To add bank account details to WhatsApp, follow these steps for whatsapp payment –

Step 1) First go to Settings in your WhatsApp and then click Payments.

Step 2) After this you will see the option of bank accounts in the next page, go to it and click Add New Account.

Step 3) Now you will get some terms and conditions of WhatsApp Payments. Accept them by clicking Accept and Continue and proceed to the next step.

Step 4) Now you will have to verify your bank account number in the next step. For this you click Verify via SMS and complete the further process.

Step 5) After verifying, select your bank account in the next step which you want to add here.

Step 6) After giving all the information here, go ahead and when all your information is done properly then you have to complete the UPI setup and then your bank account will be added for whatsapp payment here.


Note: – If you have to add more than one multiple bank account for whatsapp payment, then you have to do this step again and your second bank account will also be added for whatsapp payments.


Just after doing so, your whatsapp account is completely ready to receive payments towards your friends (money). So let us now know how to send or receive money from Whatsapp payments to your friends.

How To Transfer Money From Whatsapp Payment

Payment is not a difficult task to transfer money from WhatsApp. It will be exactly as you now send a photo, video or document to your friends. Similarly you can send money too. After receiving the payment feature in whatsapp you get the option to send photo or video etc.,

in the same way you will get an option on it, which will be called Payment. You will be able to send money by clicking on this option. For more information about sending money or sending money from whatsapp, please tell us these steps.

Whatsapp payment



Step 1) First of all select your friend from your Whitespace contact list, who has to transfer money to you.

Step 2) Now your chat-box will open with that friend in front of you. Now if you use whatsapp in the android phone, click the attachment icon, and if you use whatsapp in the iPhone, then you can click on the plus button or icon.

Step 3) Now you will have options to send your friend anything, such as photos, videos, or document etc. Now if you have to send money, then click the Payment button.

Step 4) Now fill the amount you want to send in the next screen. You can also write a note here in the options below. It will be optional. Now after filling the amount, click on Send Money.

Step 5) Now you have to fill your UPI PIN in the end. This is necessary for payment. Now fill your UPI PIN in the next screen and send money. Just now your job will be done and money will be reached to your friend. You will have a message from the bank once your money is deducted from your account for confirmation.


Note: – To send money to any of your friends, your friend should also have an account on whatsapp for whatsapp payment or bank details should be filled on the Whatsapp account, otherwise you will not be able to send money to him.

The process of sending money or sending money from the Whatsapp payment feature will be exactly the same as in PhonePe, Google Tez or BHIM app. It will be quite easy and completely safe. This will not harm you on your security. For WhatsApp Payments, WhatsApp will be a partnership with all the major banks in India, so you can send money by adding any bank account to Whatsapp. It will be absolutely free.



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